Are Dental Implants Worth Spending on?

If you have ever had a chipped,Are Dental Implants Worth Spending on? Articles broken, or knocked-out tooth, you already know how uncomfortable they can be and the degree of stigma they attract in most cases. Most people who find themselves with any of these conditions often seek ways to get over it or get good alternatives as soon as possible. In the past, many of them had to live with their oral deformity as there was no means of restoration. However, the introduction of modern technology in dentistry has brought about several advancements and innovations, such as dental implants that have shown to be a valid solution for many oral problems.

Dental Implants Robina have enjoyed a high 植牙 acceptance level in dentistry worldwide, and it is due to the outstanding results it has produced over the past years. It has functioned as a solution for both short and long-term tooth replacement, and there is no doubt that it is an integral part of modern dentistry. However, it has not been without scrutiny in these years, as it has also attracted criticism from patients who feel dental implants are a tad too expensive. Today, we will look at dental implants and analyze their worth by highlighting the benefits. So, ensure to read to the end of this article for more eye-opening information.

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What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is actually the device used to connect dental prostheses like dentures and artificial crowns to the skeletal structure of the mouth through the gums. However, it is widely used as a general term to refer to any artificial structure introduced to support the oral system. Implant retained dentures are introduced to the mouth through osseointegration, and the implants are often made of titanium or zirconia. The Dental implant is often attached directly to the bone for a firm grip, and it is allowed to heal a specific period after which a dental prosthetic is introduced.

Key Functions And Benefits of Dental Implants

The functions of dental implants are pretty significant, and the benefits have never been in doubt. The primary function of dental implants is replacing lost or missing teeth, and they can be used for both individual and multiple tooth replacement. Here are some significant benefits of dental implants.

  • They give a natural feel and make the prosthetics look natural.
  • They give the prosthetics a firm grip without using any glue
  • They can last for an extended period without causing any damage to your gums
  • It is a healthy tooth replacement option.

Other Components of An Implant (Prosthetics)

  • Abutment: An abutment is a tiny piece connecting the fixture and the main prosthetic. It is often made to have two screw sides, with each side firm gripping the fixture and the prosthetics.
  • Dental Prosthetics: The prosthetic is the top part of the implant, and it is either a crown, bridge, or denture. It is the visible part of the implant, and it often takes the resemblance of a natural tooth. Dentures are usually the go-to option in any case that demands multiple tooth replacements.


Dental implants have been vital for replacing a lost tooth, and it has also helped in other branches of denture services. Indeed, this technology has come to stay, and it is worth spending on if you want an almost natural tooth replacement.